RICHI RICH ™ brand was founded, established and registered  in 2018 with one single purpose in mind – to create the strongest and most technically advanced watch that exists on the market, without compromises on its design durability and functionalities.

RICHI RICH ™ is recognized as the fastest growing watch manufacturer. For more than one year we have been working day and night on the watches, engineering new, unseen processes, and designing even the smallest detail to achieve exceptional results. 

Advanced aerospace technologies were used during the research, engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of our unique watches. 

High-frequency welding, modern PVD plating, shock resistant stainless steel and anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass that performs under harsh environmental pressures. 

We performed countless tests on the final products to ensure their unmatched performance under multiple stress conditions. 

RICHI-RICH ™ chronograph series are watches designed especially for people with extreme requirements and winners’ spirit.

For those that need it most, all RICHI-RICH ™ watches offer superior comfort and free movement of the wrist, for your day to day tasks, despite the conditions, sport, extreme, business or casual. It’s a statement of style, comfort and free spirit – a class on its own.

Now we are happy to deliver to all our valued customers our engineering, technological аnd design achievements and here are just some of the highlights:

Watch body highlights – Entirely manufactured from 304, high grade, stainless steel, with perfect proportions of nickel and chromium added to the alloу, our watches guarantee extreme strength that can withstand even the most extreme conditions, while still providing you with comfort unseen in its class. In each piece. No exceptions.

Watch size highlights – With its distinct massive 50mm body, all watches stand out from the crowd not only by its size, but with superior quality, design, look and feel.

Watch glass highlights – We are using the highest grade of German made sapphire glass. Scratch resistant, it can withstand even the most extreme and harsh conditions on earth, with strength properties close to those of the diamond. Yet providing crystal clear look to the dials and gauges of the watch. No exceptions either!

Watch dials highlights – Dual quartz movement, powered by two separate batteries to ensure precision, safety and fault tolerance.

Watch movement highlights – We use the most precise and technically advanced Japan movement which is synonymous for reliability and consistency. It deliver nothing less than superior quality with ultimate performance

Watch straps highlights – Antireflex silicone straps

Stress testing highlights – Each watch is tested under extreme conditions. We test its waterproof abilities, its performance to withstand extreme pressure strength of the steel. Despite the environment, dust, rain or heat, all watches are engineered with superior quality in mind.

We stand behind our name and values. We are more than confident in the quality of all our high-end watches. That’s why, they all come with 1 years international warranty – NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED.

RICHI RICH ™ chronograph watches – Time is journey to perfection!